Stimulate an open heart and pure love with this libido supporting blend of adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms.*

Organic ingredients: maca, mucuna, epimedium, eleuthero, muira puama, damiana



Maca has been shown to reduce scores in depression and anxiety inventories. A self-perception survey showed

that maca acted as energizer compared with placebo in apparently healthy men. Maca extract administration for

14 days significantly improved 40 km cycling time performance compared to the baseline test (P = 0.01), but not

compared to the placebo trial after supplementation (P > 0.05). In summary, scientific evidences suggest that maca

may be an energizer.


All parts of the Mucuna plant possess medicinal properties (Sathiyanarayanan and Arulmozhi, 2007). In vitro and in

vivo studies on M. pruriens extracts have revealed the presence of substances that exhibit a wide variety of

pharmacological effects, including anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective and anti-oxidant properties,

probably due to the presence of L-dopa, a precursor of the neurotransmitter dopamine (Misra and Wagner, 2007).

It is known that the main phenolic compound of Mucuna seeds is L-dopa (approximately 5%) (Vadivel and

Pugalenthi, 2008).*


Epimedium or Horny goat weed is an herb whose leaves are used to make medicinal supplements. As many as 15 horny

goat weed species are known as "yin yang huo" in Chinese medicine. Horny goat weed is commonly used by mouth for

sexual performance problems and low sexual desire. It has also been used as support for remedying weak back and

knees, joint pain, arthritis, mental and physical fatigue, and memory loss along with many other conditions.*


Eleutherococcus or Siberian Ginseng is regarded as an herbal remedy that increases energy, boosts the immune

system, and helps alleviate general fatigue. Some studies of eleutherococcus extracts have shown that it may

provide a variety of benefits including increased endurance and anti-fatigue properties, memory improvement,

anti-inflammatory activity and immune support. More studies are needed before the health benefit claims made

for eleutherococcus can be verified. Additionally, the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database (NMCD)

concludes eleutherococcus is “possibly effective” for relieving symptoms of the common cold.*


Muira puama is a medicinal plant found in the Amazon rainforest. The root and bark of muira puama are rich in

fatty acids, fatty acid esters, essential oils, plant sterols, triterpenes, and 8 different diterpenoids. Diterpenoids are

natural compounds believed to have antibacterial, anticancer and anti-inflammatory properties. Muira puama has

been used to remedy some with sexual dysfunction, improves cognitive function, and may reduce stress, anxiety,

and fatigue.*


For centuries, the Mayan Indians of Mexico have used damiana as an aphrodisiac, prescribing it for both men and

women. This herb functions as a sexual stimulant that not only boosts libido, but also enhances sexual pleasure.

Damiana's ancient reputation as an aphrodisiac is reflected in one of its Latin names--Turnera aphrodisiaca. The

results of a 2009 ethnopharmacological study by Mexico's National Institute of Psychiatry support the folk use of

damiana as an aphrodisiac. They also point to the herb's possible therapeutic properties in the treatment of sexual

dysfunction. This pro-sexual effect is attributed to the mechanism of action of compounds called flavonoids, which

are found in damiana leaf.*


Lifehouse Tonics offers genuine mushroom products, free from heavy metals and agricultural chemicals. All

Mushrooms are sourced from Certified Organic and Kosher facilities. Our mushroom products are certified to be

the highest quality available in the world today. NO mycelium, NO grain, NO starch. We use genuine mushrooms,

grown naturally, the way nature intended.


We only source extracts that are made from certified organic mushrooms, grown naturally on substrate materials

native to each particular mushroom. No sterile laboratories, sterile air, sterile growing environment or artificial

lights. NO unnatural substrates made of cereal grains or rice. Our mushrooms are grown in greenhouses with

natural lighting and natural fresh air flow. We want our mushrooms to be grown the same way you want your food

produced; on a farm tended by real people not in a laboratory managed by technicians.

Organic certification requires adherence to an ethic that recognizes the importance of toxin-free production of

food products. We support this ethic and promote organically grown mushrooms as the surest way to realize the

full potential of these products. Certified organic mushrooms have multiple benefits: as herbal medicine that is

free of harmful chemicals and as sustainable agricultural crops that are grown without damaging the environment.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality mushroom extracts and do so in a manner that promotes the well-being

of the planet and all of its inhabitants. We strive to accomplish this by sourcing mushrooms grown the way nature

intended, the way you expect, and in harmony with the values that we share.


Every crop of mushrooms starts with selected strains, cultivars that have been developed over the course of

centuries. Hundreds of mushroom research institutes are engaged in continual research and development on high

yielding strains of the highest medicinal quality. Specially selected natural materials such as protein enriched

sawdust and hardwood logs are used as the food base for the mushrooms. These natural substrates contain

precursors that guarantee the production of important medicinal compounds. Mushroom crops are produced in

greenhouses and shade-houses. A constant flow of fresh air and fresh water from deep wells is provided to the

mushrooms. Natural sunlight provides the stimulus for proper mushroom formation. The mushrooms are

harvested by hand and sun-dried or air dried in a dehydrator. After harvest and before processing, every crop of

mushrooms is tested for possible chemical drift or other contamination.


+ Our Suppliers employ new GMP certified factories that only process mushrooms.

+ All water used in cleaning and processing is purified with an ultra-filtration system.

+ Every step of the extraction process is monitored closely according to established SOP’s (Standard

Operation Procedures) ensuring the highest quality.

+ The extract product is dried and packed in ultra clean room environments


+ Complete microbial testing for bacteria, yeast and mold, e. coli, and coliforms.

+ Heavy metals analysis.

+ Pesticide testing that exceeds USP standards.

+ Final organoleptic evaluation.


+ All testing is done by qualified 3rd party labs.

+ Complete microbial testing for bacteria, yeast and mold, e. coli, and coliforms

+ Heavy metals analysis.

+ Pesticide testing that exceeds USP standards.

+ Beta-glucan testing to insure presence of active compounds.

+ Ergosterol testing to insure fungal purity.

+ Alpha-glucan testing to guard against adulterants and carriers.

+ Reishi extracts are analyzed for triterpenoids. Cordyceps is analyzed for cordycepin.

+ Final organoleptic evaluation.

Legal Disclaimer:

*The statements or claims about the possible health benefits of our products have not been evaluated by the Food

& Drug Administration (FDA) and are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease.

This product is designed as a food supplement and is not meant for weight management.

Product Care: Store at room temperature and avoid excessive heat. Do not consume if packet is open or damaged.

Manufactured in a facility that processes tree nuts.

Packaged in California for




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