Mind Boost Magic Latte

Brain Boosting Hot Tonic


○ 1 Mug Almond Milk (about 12 oz) 

○ 1 Rounded tsp. Dandy Blend  

○ 1 Tbsp Destiny Unbound Herbal Blend

○ 1/2 tsp. Tahini  

○ 1/8 tsp. Cinnamon 

○ 1/2 tsp. Cocoa Powder 

○ 1/2 tsp. Coconut Oil 

○ 1/2 tsp. Coconut Sugar (optional)


1. Begin by measuring the amount of milk you need by pouring the milk into your intended drinking cup. I used a standard mug, which was about 12 oz. In a small pot heat up the milk and other ingredients until nice and warm. You’ll probably want to give it a bit of a stir to make sure the ingredients don’t stick to the bottom. 

2. Once it gets all nice and warm, pop it in a mixture in a high speed blender and whip on high for a minute or until frothy. 

3. Serve and enjoy!

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