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Roses are red. Violets are blue. Our Rose Lattes taste great too. Don’t miss out on your next favorite drink on the go. Our Rose Latté blends 5 medicinal mushrooms with our beauty blend of pearl powder, collagen, goji berries, and dragonfruit for a luxurious treat. Balanced with whey protein and MCT oil, this mix will keep you glowing.
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Ingredients: whey, soy lecithin, erythritol, monk fruit extract, mct fractionated coconut oil, bovine, organic gum arabic, natural flavors, organic rice concentrate, organic cocoa, himalayan pink sea salt, organic reishi, organic cordyceps, organic lion’s mane, organic chaga, organic turkey tail, organic maitake, organic poria, organic tremella, organic phellinus messima, organic shitake

Benefits: + immunity + beauty support + adaptogenic + 4 net carbs per serving + protein rich (28 grams)

How to Use: 

Designed to be enjoyed hot or cold. 

Preparation Suggestions:


Hot: Combine packet with 8oz of hot water. Blend until smooth. Add your favorite milk to taste

Cold: Combine packet contents with 8oz of water or milk of your choice and ice. Blend until smooth. 

SHAKER: Combine packet contents with 8oz of water or your favorite milk. Shake until smooth. CAUTION: DO NOT use hot liquid in shaker bottles. Contents can expand and burst.

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Rose Latté
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